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  • Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors 3.2

    Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors is a useful tool that helps you doing your homework. You can change the color of folders and can set the
  • Folder Marker Pro - Changes Folder Icons 4.2

    Folder Marker Pro is your smart assistant, an ardent fighter for your convenience and benefit. This handy shell extension is especially designed for
  • Folder Marker - Changes Folder Icons 1.4

    Colorize your folders by one mouse click! Folder Marker is one of those little utilities that once you have it you wonder how you ever did with out
  • GPS-Action 1.2

    GPS-Action will fire reminder exactly when you reach the target place, no sooner and no later! Depending on your geographical location GPS-Action
  • Action(s) 1.1.5

    Action(s) software allows you to build workflows that achieve manual chores quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly as well as it gives you direct
  • Action is 1.0

    Psychedelic and retro font's collection offers you this True Type (ttf) format
  • Action! 1.19.0

    Action! allows real-time recording/Capture of Windows AERO desktop in a superb HD video quality. With Action! you can record web player videos, your
  • Q-action 1.0

    Q-Action is a simple but handy application that can run in the background to be used whenever you would like to. It speeds up any task such as copy
  • Action Solitaire 1.50

    Action Solitaire is a card game which let you play within a specific time period. It has 70 other games in it i.e. Triple Towers, Picking Pairs,
  • Pin Action Bowling

    Drink some beer with your friends and enjoy playing this computer game which actually puts YOU into the action! Real video of you bowling,
  • Subtraction Action 1

    In Subtraction Action you need to use the numbers at your disposal to equal the required number. Do it quick, though, cus there's a timer!
  • Action in time KS 01

    Action in time KS-01(turning the pc off, showing massages, starting files). " Action in time KS" enables you 3 actions: (1) turning the computer off
  • Action Backup 1.2.5

    Program Action Backup - an ideal variant for the organization of simple, fast, convenient reserve copying in the house conditions, the information
  • Snowmobile Action 1.1

    Snowmobile Action screen saver features an image slideshow of 20 freestyle and snocross action
  • Action Force 1.00

    A truetype font, with an accurate and strong appearance Action Force is a strong, bold font based on the logo from the 1980s GI Joe line from Hasbro.
  • Action Man Shaded 1.0

    Action Man Shaded 1.0provides you with a handy as well as impressive TTF character that was created in order to assist you in modifying the overall
  • Retro-Action Paq 1.2

    Retro-Action Paq is a collection of four action arcade games, each with different rules and goals: BOT, Bubble Battle, Flak Attack, and Moles
  • Songs of Action

    Songs of Action by Arthur Conan
  • Draft Action 1.0.0

      Intense Action Game featuring more than 14 types of extensive AI driven opponents, Polished Sprite Sheet Based Art, flawless game
  • Action Ball 2 1.1

    Action Ball 2 features everything players loved about the original Breakout hit and more! In addition to improved visuals and pulse-pounding audio,
  • 001 Action / Rpg Maker

    t is a game creator where you can bring your Action RPG and RPG ideas to life! With a new twist to point-and-click (PnC) events, and a high level of
  • Casino Action 16. 3. 2004

    Casino Action is one of the latest prestigious European casinos online to be added to the well established Casino Rewards group. Casino Action goal is
  • Last Action Hero 1.0

    Last Action Hero for the NES, Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy and Sega Game Gear is one of a handful of video game adaptations of the Arnold
  • Action Fist

    Action Fist features 2 player co-op, awesome music by my brother Austin, and fists with action.Its a small but interesting game with pretty good
  • Q9 Action Game 1.2

    Finger numbing action, stunning audio imagery and a touch of morbid comedy is combined in this brand new title, promising hours of thrilling and
  • Tank In Action

    Tank In Action, is a fantastic game of extraordinary quality and simplicity, which gives as a result: a cute game that is small in disk space, free
  • Action Ball en 2.1

    The all-new Action Ball 2 is a no-holds barred arcade game that blends the hottest brick-busting action you've ever seen with the thrilling battles of
  • Action 52in 1.0

    You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game..You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange
  • Action Blueprint 1.0

    This is a simple and free ebook that will allow you know how to create simple lifestyle with Minimal
  • Action Recorder

    Action Recorder is the best mouse and keyboard recording tool. It can record all your mouse and keyboard actions, and then repeat all the actions
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  • Density LITE Granular Synthesis 1.1.2

    Density is a new interactive real-time program for asynchronous granular synthesis LIVE and sound file granulation, to generate a wide range of effects: time/pitch shifting, pitch disintegration, time jittering, sound
  • Titan Folder Watcher 2.2.3062

    Titan folder Watcher is a combination of Windows?? .NET components that are able to watch specified drive folders and executes automated commands when file changes occur. folders that are configured for watching are
  • Folder Watch

    folderWatch is a small utility that is used for monitoring file changes on defined folder. folder files are on startup being indexed, and then when anything changes on that specific folder, a notfication is shown and/or
  • DV Advanced Timer 1.0.0

    Advanced Timer is designed to function as a system monitoring and action trigger, based on time, folder Size, process, XML file or any other functions developed later by Dev-Vision. It can shut-down or restart the
  • xMahjongg Select 1.0.1

    xMahjongg Select is GUI for the xMahjongg Tile matching game. xMahjongg runs under the X11 windowing system and its setup is controlled by command line options. xMahjongg Select will handle all the setup for you and
  • SimpleFolderMirror 1.0.0

    This software enables you to back up folder easily, and Usage is very Simple! This software has not windows, but console only. You only specify folder paths you want to backup in command line arguments. For example,
  • Golden Folder Icon Pack

    Golden folder Icon Pack allows you to change the default looks of your folders icons. It includes following folder Icon: download folder icon, music folder icon, picture folder icon, regular folder icon, favorite folder
  • AWE library for Delphi 1.4

    Address windowing Extensions (AWE) for Delphi allows your applications to quickly manipulate physical memory greater than 4GB.available for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 source code included in full version
  • Find Duplicate Folder 4.61

    Find Duplicate folder - now became easier than whenever! Download, set up and it will find duplicate folder you need. Are you an engineer? Find duplicate folder containing your working materials. Are you a housewife?
  • Limf 1.0

    This is a Simple Viewer application which allows you to apply basic operation on images such as Rotate, Flip, ROI (Region of Interest) zoom and Panning. It offers a sample example for the powerful Matrix class use and
  • Folder Icon Pack

    folder Icon Pack contains a collection of beautiful icons that allows you to give new look to your folders. It contains regular folder icon as well as icon for favorite folder, download folder, music folder, picture
  • Rename Folders Software 7.0

    Quickly change the name of folders and subfolders. Features include: Change case of folder(s) to UPPER CASE, Change case of folder(s) to lower case, Change case of folder(s) to Proper Case, Change case of folder(s) to
  • Extract Message for Outlook 2.02

    Extract Message action can automatically extract data from a message (sender's and recipient's info, subject, body, delivery time) when it arrives to MS Outlook account or MS Exchange Server mailbox and store
  • CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog

    No matter if you are a Microsoft Outlook power user or you've just started utilizing this email client, this may happen to you anytime: You want to scroll down the navigation pane but you miss the scroll bar and
  • Free Action Games - Guerrilla War 1.0

    Free action games like Guerrilla War action games are the ones that really make the word "action" shine in its true meaning. It most certainly is an intriguing piece of software. Based on invasion games, this
  • Protoplasm Flare Icon Set 1.0

    Over 30 Leopard-Ready glowing folder icons including photo folder, video folder, music folder, hot folder, plus many
  • Random Transparent OD Icons -

    There are a total of 22 transparent PNG high resolution icons. It includes: - Boxes Icon - Defragment Icon - Empty folder Icon - Favorites Icon - My Documents folder Icon - My Downloads folder Icon - My Games folder
  • Clipcast 0.1.2

    Clipcast is a multi-platform network clipboard.It works as follows: You paste your clipboard content into an icon (which is optionally integrated into your windowing system like Gnome Panel or Windows Taskbar) The
  • File impersonator 0.9

    This is a unique File Renamer. It will rename all files in folder "A" for match the name of files in folder "B". In other words you will be able to keep the content of files in folder "A", but have them to have the same
  • Action Ball 2 1.1

    action Ball 2 features everything players loved about the original Breakout hit and more! In addition to improved visuals and pulse-pounding audio, action Ball 2 comes with four upgradeable paddles from which to select,
  • Action Process Automator 4.4

    Once the computer is turned on and Windows is loaded action Process Automator can be started from the Start-Up Group or set as a Service. From this moment action takes charge over predetermined tasks, triggering them
  • Outlook Task 1.1

    Outlook Task, a Windows utility designed to create a set of tasks from the Outlook task folder. Do you ever get tired of your Task folder filling up with many records related to different projects or people? Can you
  • discoDSP HighLife 1.4

    discoDSP HighLife is a useful performance sampler with VSTi sampling, sample editor, five built in effects, etc. Disk based program managing. (fxp, sfz, akp) for quick and easy access to frozen instruments, fxp, akp,
  • MDFolder 1.1

    Do you still angry about the way to create a new folder with Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 Explorer? MDfolder is the solution. By clicking the right mousebutton at the desired folder and choosing New folder you getting
  • Alarm Clock Extension Plug-in 1.0.1

    Contains the following plug-ins: Short pop-up - action plug-in that shortly shows a small message pop-up Quick wav - action plug-in that plays a wav file as in older versions of Puac (it is faster than the standard
  • MAGS 5.04

    MAGS is used to create, preview or plot standard plot files for Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland design systems:- VPath (Vehicle swept path)- COGO (COORDINATE GEOMETRY)During the preview option,
  • FolderIco Free 1.0

    folderico allows to customize the icon of every Windows folder in One Click! Organise your folders more easily Don't you know how to change standard yellow folder to a colourful and bright one? With folderIco, give
  • Folder Jockey

    folder Jockey is a Windows utility designed to save you time. Instead of always hunting through Windows Explorer to find the folder you need, just use folder Jockey to go there immediately.folder Jockey lets you keep as
  • Auto Shut Down 1.06

    Auto Shut Down is a very simple program which helps you with switching off your computer automatically. You only have to set time, choose type of action to perform and click start to schedule an action. In very easy
  • Fax Alert Installer 1.0

    Panther introduced built-in Fax receiving, but has no mechanism for alerting the user that a Fax has arrived. Until they make one, here's an easy way of doing this by installing a folder action