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  • Localhost Azureus 0.4.1

    Now you can use your browser for accessing a shared, world-wide file system with handy software application Localhost Azureus. Its key features are as follow: the inclusive BitTorrent technology and new Distributed
  • Folder Scout F-71

    folder Scout gives you instant access to any Local Drive, folder or File on your PC. folder Scout avoids everyday tedious folder tree navigation and searches allowing you to focus on just your important tasks. Thanks
  • Folder Password Program 2.7

    Are you looking for an efficient way to protect sensible documents on your computer from prying eyes? Download folder Password Pro, the software program that allows you to store important files in an encrypted folder on
  • Folder Guard Lite 2.5

    folder Guard Lite - for Windows Me/9x and Windows XP/2000/NT. You can hide and restrict access to any file folder on your computer, on both NTFS and FAT/FAT32 volumes. The folder becomes invisible to Explorer and other
  • Folder Scout Professional 1.3.2

    folder Scout gives you instant access to any Local Drive, folder or File on your PC. folder Scout avoids everyday tedious folder tree navigation and searches allowing you to focus on just your important tasks. Thanks to
  • Access Assistant 1.0

    If you distribute your software with a runtime version of access or expecting the full version of Microsoft access on the user's system, you can get mixed results if your application does not open with the correct
  • 1 Second Folder Encryption 6 76

    1 Second folder Encryption is a system security tool. It can effectively disable access to a certain directory on your computer. I don't exactly know how the application accomplishes this, but it does work.
  • Protect Folder Plus 2.2

    Protect folder Plus is an effective security tool to protect your private and important folders, files, and drives from unauthorized access. Protect folder Plus is easy to use. Just drag your folders, files, and drives
  • MiniFolderBackup

    A backup/restore and version control tool based on folders. A backup/restore and version control tool based on folders. MinifolderBackup is a simple yet powerful application that will enable you to backup and
  • d-d ZoneX 1.2.0 Beta

    A destination folder finder that gives the user easy access to folders at remote locations. A destination folder finder that gives the user easy access to folders at remote locations. d-d ZoneX allows you to easily
  • Folder Armor

    folder Armor is very easy to use program; you just have to locate the folder that you want to secure from the file tree, and thn click the 'Lock folder' button. That's all. You can also access it from the standard
  • Folder Style 1.3

    Customize any single Windows folder with any icon you like, make every single Windows folder different from others. Just select a folder then pick an icon you like for it from the built-in gallery of over 350
  • Access Folders 2.11

    access folders is a useful utility to manage your folders so that you can access them easily. You can integrate it with the Windows and rest is up to this software. Right click on the question mark icon and it will show
  • PieDir 2.0

    Well, if you've ever looked at a hard drive that said 8,205 bytes free and wondered which folder was taking up so much space, then this utility is for you. By entering the folder name at the command line of PieDir, it
  • Iron Privacy Folder

    Iron Privacy folder allows to secure folder privacy from the prying eyes in just a few clicks. When the folder is locked it is no longer accessible from the explorer and to access it successfully you need to unlock it
  • Folder Drives 1.0

    folder Drives enables you to access the folders from My Computer, the Explorer Tree and from within the program easily because; it mounts your most used folders as Virtual Hard Drives. It provides instant access to any
  • My Folder to My Computer 6.01 Build 0172

    My folder to My Computer is a program which designed to give users the option to secure their personal files in a folder that would be converted. With the help of the program, you can make your simple regular folder
  • NetDir Booster 1.0

    Increase speed network folder listing Do you want to increase speed access to network shared folder? When you list the contents of a remote folder to which your computer is connected by TCP/IP, the results may take
  • Order in my Folder GUI 1.3

    "Order in my folder GUI" is the graphic user interface version of "Order in my folder". It is based on the same core code as the command line version and the final results are the same, both are portable and small
  • Folder Password Expert USB

    folder Password Expert USB is a Security software developed by ZQS Software Team. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for folder Password
  • Convert NSF to PST 8.12.01

    Updated version of Kernel nsf to pst software is now equipped with more powerful migration algorithm and also supports migration of Unicode named folders from the Lotus Notes user mailbox. Kernel software to convert nsf
  • Lock Folder Lock File! 1.4

    Lock folder Lock File! helps to protect your files from unauthorized access. Protecting your computer with the best level of security you can find is an essential in this day and age with so much malicious software
  • (Hidden)Tray Folder 1.04

    (Hidden)Tray folder... is a secure and hidden folder that is accessible by left clicking on the tray icon. But only when you want it to be accessible. You can completely hide a folder. Hide files and other folders in
  • huddy 1.3

    huddy is a simple Applescript application giving quick access to file and folder colour labels, and icon view zooming (great for quickly viewing folders of pictures, for example). Pop it in the Finder window toolbar for
  • KDE Wallet password integration 0.4

    This is an extension that allows Firefox use kde's kwallet password manager to store passwords. Firefox stores its passwords internaly, optionally protected by a Master Password. KDE has its own password manager called
  • Magic Folder Now 1.6

    Manage folder Now is an easy to use program that enables you to hide folder or quick jump your folders.You can keep your personal data away from others. Others will not know where your personal files exist.It is
  • Acl COM Component 1.0

    The Acl COM component provides a scriptable (ActiveX) set of objects that can be used to manage a Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Information Store folder's access control list (ACL) using a CDO 1.2.1 folder object. Microsoft
  • Chroot for Windows 1.00

    Chroot is a popular Linux tool that allows you to run a program that cannot access files outside of a specific file system folder tree. Now, using undocumented features, a native Windows version is available that
  • Hide Folder Ext 1.3

    Hide folders on external or removable volumes and password protect them This unique program lets you hide a folder on external or removable disks and protect it with a password. While all other folder hiding programs
  • Folder Guard Classic Edition 8.2

    Snoop-proof your files with folder Guard. folder Guard is a Windows security program which you can use to restrict access to files, folders, and other computer resources. If you share your computer with your business