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  • Free Hide Folder 3.3

    Most everyone has files or folders on their computer that they do not want to share with others. The best way to protect your personal information is
  • 1 Second Folder Encrypt Free 6.71

    1 Second Folder Encryption program allows you to protect your data in your computer. When you protect the folder this software, then it could not
  • Free Folder Hider 10.6

    Almost every computer user keeps files that are personal, private and confidential, or important to be preserved as undeletable. You may have files
  • HSLAB Free Shutdown Folder 6.1

    "It's missing from Windows!"HSLAB Shutdown Folder is a utility which provides a service analogous to the Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP "Startup" folder. It
  • HSLAB Shutdown Folder Free 2008

    "It's missing from Windows!" HSLAB Shutdown Folder is a utility which provides a service analogous to the Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP "Startup" folder. It
  • Sofonica Folder Soldier Free 1.3

    Now you can easily protect your important files and folders from unauthorized persons by using this handy Sofonica Folder Soldier software. You can
  • Where to download free folder icons 1.0

    Custom-designed and free folder icons for folder icon change Custom-designed and free folder icons! - WINDOWS NAVIGATION MADE EASIER! The majority
  • A+ Folder Locker Free Edition

    A+ Folder Locker Free Edition is an application which is used for encrypting and hiding files and folders. It is designed for those who want to keep
  • Free Lepide Offline Folder Report 10.12.01

    Free Lepide Offline Folder Report tool is an effective network management solution to generate instant reports showing OST and non OST users. Free
  • Ogni Free Folder Locker & Hider 1.00.00

    You can use incredible software application Ogni Free Folder Locker & Hider for home and business. It is very handy because; it combines locking
  • Free Visual Folder Tree Builder 2.1

    Visual Folder tree Builder is a visual shell for creating JavaScript applets without any knowledge of JavaScript. Tree Builder will give your Web site
  • Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors 3.2

    Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors is a useful tool that helps you doing your homework. You can change the color of folders and can set the
  • Instant Lock: BeST FoLdeR LOCk : Free Download 3.1

    A revolutionary file security software, totally protect, lock and hide all your private folders and precious files from other users and programs. You
  • Folder Marker Pro - Changes Folder Icons 4.2

    Folder Marker Pro is your smart assistant, an ardent fighter for your convenience and benefit. This handy shell extension is especially designed for
  • Folder Marker - Changes Folder Icons 1.4

    Colorize your folders by one mouse click! Folder Marker is one of those little utilities that once you have it you wonder how you ever did with out
  • Key Folder 1.22

    Key Folder is a secure password manager that helps you organize and store passwords and other sensitive information you do not want other people to
  • Folder Tag 1.1

    This freeware program adds the new document "Folder tag" to Windows Explorer "File|New" menu. Tag - small file with text description and keyword list
  • New Folder Here 1.0

    Create new folders anywhere on your PC with a simple right click. New Folder Here will add the command 'New Folder Here' to the menu that pops up
  • Folder-To-TXT 1.01

    Do you know this situation? You just burned a disk, you collected some data on a USB stick or you simply organized some files on your local hard
  • Folder Axe 7.0

    Folder Axe was made with one purpose in mind, and that is to help you split your folders into many smaller folders. You may split the folders in
  • Folder Lab 1.0

    You can use the handy program Folder Lab for making folders or group of folders. You can create folder group by starting with a prefix as well as end
  • OCR Folder

    The OCR Folder Desktop application generates ASCII text from multiple Bitmap or Image Files, such as a TIF, JPG, or GIF. User defined zones convert
  • Add Folder 3.0

    Renaming files is tedious, especially when there are many individual files and each file is being modified in the same way. One common example of
  • EZ Folder Fx 1.2

    you can Now use up to TWO external Diff software to analyse file difference... see read me for all new features Features : -Compare two
  • Hide Folder 3.0.3

    Hide Folder software enables you to protect and Hide your Files, Folders, my Documents, Favorites, Desktop, Internet History, Control Panel, and
  • Folder Organizer 3.1

    The application's logically organizes your favorite Folders and allows you to open them in a very fast and simple way. At any time you can
  • Lock Folder XP 3.9.2

    Do you know that you can lock not just individual files but also entire folders and even the whole hard drive? You will be able to secure all your
  • Folder Cache 2.6

    Folder Cache lists the recently used folders in "Open"/"Save" dialog windows and in Windows Explorer. This program is for people who actively uses
  • Folder Express 2.1

    Folder Express helps you instantly jump to your frequently used folders in: - Windows Explorer - Folder windows - Browse Folder dialog - Open/Save
  • Protect Folder 98 3.0.1

    Protect Folder 98 is a new security tool that lets you lock your files and folders with your personal password. Now nobody but you can access your
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  • Golden Folder Icon Pack

    Golden folder Icon Pack allows you to change the default looks of your folders icons. It includes following folder Icon: download folder icon, music folder icon, picture folder icon, regular folder icon, favorite folder
  • Find Duplicate Folder 4.61

    Find Duplicate folder - now became easier than whenever! Download, set up and it will find duplicate folder you need. Are you an engineer? Find duplicate folder containing your working materials. Are you a housewife?
  • PieDir 2.0

    Well, if you've ever looked at a hard drive that said 8,205 bytes free and wondered which folder was taking up so much space, then this utility is for you. By entering the folder name at the command line of PieDir, it
  • Folder Icon Pack

    folder Icon Pack contains a collection of beautiful icons that allows you to give new look to your folders. It contains regular folder icon as well as icon for favorite folder, download folder, music folder, picture
  • Iron Privacy Folder

    Iron Privacy folder allows to secure folder privacy from the prying eyes in just a few clicks. When the folder is locked it is no longer accessible from the explorer and to access it successfully you need to unlock it
  • Order in my Folder 1.0

    "Order in my folder" is a unique free utility to archive / reorder files from a single folder into subfolders based on different file sorting logics. If you have a folder containing a large amount of files, created by a
  • Rename Folders Software 7.0

    Quickly change the name of folders and subfolders. Features include: Change case of folder(s) to UPPER CASE, Change case of folder(s) to lower case, Change case of folder(s) to Proper Case, Change case of folder(s) to
  • Free Lepide Offline Folder Report 10.12.01

    free Lepide Offline folder Report tool is an effective network management solution to generate instant reports showing OST and non OST users. free Lepide Offline folder Report tool provides the administrator with the
  • Protoplasm Flare Icon Set 1.0

    Over 30 Leopard-Ready glowing folder icons including photo folder, video folder, music folder, hot folder, plus many
  • Folder Icon XP 10.6

    folder Icon XP is an easiEST to use and unique shell enchantment utility. Use folder Icon XP tool to apply different icons to any Windows folder icons and some Windows Desktop Icons, make every folder different from
  • Random Transparent OD Icons -

    There are a total of 22 transparent PNG high resolution icons. It includes: - Boxes Icon - Defragment Icon - Empty folder Icon - Favorites Icon - My Documents folder Icon - My Downloads folder Icon - My Games folder
  • File impersonator 0.9

    This is a unique File Renamer. It will rename all files in folder "A" for match the name of files in folder "B". In other words you will be able to keep the content of files in folder "A", but have them to have the same
  • Heroes Folder Dock Icons -

    This is a pack of six PNG* 256x256 for your Dock (RocketDock or Object Dock) inspired in Heroes,the TV series 1-"My Documents" folder is inspired in Chandra Suresh folders about the abilities 2-"My PC" icon is
  • MDFolder 1.1

    Do you still angry about the way to create a new folder with Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 Explorer? MDfolder is the solution. By clicking the right mousebutton at the desired folder and choosing New folder you getting
  • EZ Lock & Hide 2.0

    With EZ Lock & Hide you can lock your favorites folder, jpg images, mp3's, etc. Type all your passwords and ID's in a text document then lock and hide them inside a folder! Features: Files are not only locked but
  • Gateway151 File-2-Folder 1.1

    The Gateway151 File-2-folder is a free tool which allows you to organize Karaoke Zip Files into folders. This tool can literally save you hours of grouping Karaoke Zip Files! You can move the contents of a Source folder
  • Folder Jockey

    folder Jockey is a Windows utility designed to save you time. Instead of always hunting through Windows Explorer to find the folder you need, just use folder Jockey to go there immediately.folder Jockey lets you keep as
  • Remove Duplicate Folder 3.86

    Remove Duplicate folder - what can be easier? People ask: how to remove duplicate folder on my computer? What is the best and the fastest way to remove duplicate folder? Where to get the program that can find, sort and
  • Stealth Folder Hide XP 9.3

    Hide any folder on your PC. With Stealth folder, folders and files can't be deleted, viewed, modified, or run. Stealth folder Operates in Stealth mode, special hotkey is required to pull it up. Stealth folder is not
  • SUMON Folder Security 6.3

    SUMON folder Security 6.3 is a free folder Security Software. You can Lock any folder any time. Easy to use this software freely. If any problem found then please e-Mail me.
  • Folder Marker 4.2

    folder Marker is one of those little utilities that once you have it you wonder how you ever did with out it. It lets you mark your Windows Explorer folders in a couple of different ways, either using the context menu
  • SysTools Folder Lock 1.0

    Lock folder files against getting accessed by any unauthorized person. Protect folders with SysTools folder Lock™ a Windows platform folder lock utility which protect folder files from getting opened without
  • Tony Folder Monitor 4.685

    folder Monitor is a program to MOVE files from one location to another on a client PC at work, school or friends, if you have a place you can use to temporarily store and use the remote PC and client PC, you can Take
  • Akamai Folder Jockey 1.2

    Akamai folder Jockey is a Windows utility designed to save you time. Instead of always hunting through Windows Explorer to find the folder you need, just use folder Jockey to go there immediately.folder Jockey lets you
  • Link Folder 1.0

    Link folder is a Windows shell extension which creates folder links to existing folders. A folder link is a Junction point or symbolic link, which points to another folder called a target folder on the same file system.
  • Quick Folder Locate & Open 1.0

    You know in which folder that particular file you want to get to is, but to get to it you have to open multiple folders, one folder after the other, which sometimes gets annoying. The answer to this problem is this
  • mdAxel 1.0 Beta

    It enables defining the shortcut key for creating new folder and making possible to change some other "create new folder" behaviours like Default new folder name. There are some useful features added like auto enter
  • Files 2 Folder 1.1.3

    A right-click shell extension that will automatically create a folder based on the selected filename and MOVE that file into that folder. If you select multiple files, a box will pop up asking for a folder name. That
  • Martik Hide Folder 1.0

    Martik Hide folder is a free computer security software to hide your private folders. It is very useful to keep your personal data away from others. Others will not know where your personal files exist and they will not
  • Folder Latch

    folder Latch is a free tool that you can use for folder locking and unlocking. You can also use it for hiding and protecting your folder and its files/subfolders with password as well as you can move these password